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can't handle all my deviation messages *ugh*
Sat Oct 25, 2014, 8:19 AM
I'm so excited about the movie which will hopefully be also playing in Germany!! :woohoo:…
Sat Oct 18, 2014, 8:14 AM
i really appreciate your amtibiousness about my kiriban!! :glomp:
Wed Oct 15, 2014, 9:20 AM
yeah, we (I) am having a kiriban winner this time. don't worry hon. try it next time!! :petting:
Wed Oct 15, 2014, 9:20 AM
oh well good luck to the person who got it if they actually screenshot it
Wed Oct 15, 2014, 6:12 AM

How do you manage not to get distracted (watch too man ppl/groups, procrastinate etc.)? 

9 deviants said comments only ^^






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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Update 09/2014:
Current sparetime/interests: Nihongo (JapaneseLanguage), Aquarelle, Doujinshis, GoT#5, ItalianFood, YamaKashi, AnimeOSTs
Eternal love: DA, French, Hakuza, TheLittleMermaid, Chocolate, Sour food+drinks, MySister, FF

"Wherever someone is thinking of you, that is the place you can return to."

I ship:
high priority: SasuNaru, YamaKashi, InoSaku, ShikaTema
medium priority: NejiTen, ShiTsunade
low priority / pre shippuuden: InoShika, NaruSaku

Galleries that I devour:
:iconkyoux: :iconyasuli: :iconnami64: :iconnoranb: :iconsatosanteru: :iconkhaos-prinzessin: :iconmiriamartist: :iconlucitaniamarie: :iconfdasuarez: :iconburdge: :iconkoraykaragozler: :iconkoganeiro: :iconuzucake: :iconsaiyanzrepublik:

And a friend, beside of DA: Jessica:

Challenge 0809/14 + New Theme Oct!

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 30, 2014, 11:45 AM

Hi there!! :wave:
Seems like my little threat and shouting at you has been successful ^^ (Sorry for that, but it came straight from my heart and needed to get out).
It has been sort of poor harvest for August/September but quality before quantity ;) ! Here we go with our 4 entries for the last two month's theme "body language":

The secrets of body language by Snowy818  The Wholehearted Language by nackmu  What tells you that I want... - Your body language by suninthedark   WordsI've never really been good at introductions. 
I stammer, wring my hands, talk in a whisper, and my eyes flick around… It's off-putting, I think. It's not helpful that my family is so outgoing too, so this is a normal thing for me. Introductions. Having to… having to talk and be social. It's never been my thing. I was always that kid you'd find in the corner, alone with their book in hand. Not here, dressed up at a party with a drink in one hand, and my brother patting me on the back with the other. 
"Really, you gotta loosen up! Look, some of my friends are comin', and I'm gonna introduce you, ok?"
"Aw, come on, don't pull that…"
"Pull what?"
"The whole, 'I'm so alone' pity act."
"It's not an act. I don't like people."
"You just haven't found the right ones!" And another group of people swarms us. 
"Haha, how's it goin', man!" 
"I'm great!" Horrible.
"Yeah, me too!" Fine. 
"Haha, I hooked up with this chick last ni

Snowy818 , Thank you so much for keeping up with us :hug: I hope you had a nice taste of this project and become a true fellow!
You was the One, somehow, saving the Challenge. With your entry, I found back my muse and courage to finish my entry. Thank you for
being there! :kiss: (and Thank you for that awesome new theme ^^)

suninthedark is there from the beginning and one my most loyal buddies ^^ Thank you Madleen for you, at least, a sketch. Don't forget to share your muse to this one with us!!

Special Thanks goes to Blueyedgirl27 !!! I'm so glad that you, after your first questioning about the Challenge in July, finally found your muse to contribute something.
Your entry keeps a special place because it is the first literary entry ever! Girls, you need to check it out! It'll take you a while but it's worth it!
Honey, you are officially added to the range of participants. Welcome and hopefully you`ll stay and share some more awesome writings with us! :nod:


The new Theme, the October Theme was chosen by our freshman :D
The theme for 10/2014 chosen by :iconsnowy818:


I like it (what do I say... I LOVE it!!) and I have already a concrete idea what it's going to be! :squee:
I officially want to invite Koganeiro to join the October Theme! ^^
I have the strong feeling that this theme is like meant to be for you! And that you gonna create something that will blow my brain apart XD

Let me also share a wonderful and inspirational drawing with you by xXKikaru-ChanXx
to give you an idea about "shadows" and what they are to me:
Shadows by xXKikaru-ChanXx

It' very weird, but I'm currently watching OnePiece (little side note) where they are also talking about shadows.
They separate from their owners and wants to live their lives on their own. Creepy.

Enough talk by me. Tell me what ya think! Good work!


If you want to know more about the Challenge, it's rules and see all amazing + differing entries have a look here: Theme Challenge


let me, each of you, praise you YasuliNoranB (hell girl where are you? throw that roommate out of your place and continue being with uuuus!! :cries:)), Satosanteruusura-tonkachikhaos-prinzessinsolochely , and all other great Naruto / SasNarArtists that I may forgot (pls, don't mind, forgive me, whatever), I really want to THANK YOU. You weren't me first Naruto contact, but maybe my 1st, 2nd, my 3rd Naruto touch from a real Narutard, so mezmerizing, tasty, addicting, simply magnetic and consciousness-expanding that you truely have a place as a shadow and 2nd soul of SasNar in my heart, next to my my first real life love!!
(I'm right before a heartattack, maybe, that's why these lines.... it's like "I'll be your right hand, if you are my left hand...." :heart: i owe you, forever. thank you!)
endgame by nackmu
wow, embarassing. this was 1000 times better in my head, i swear.
but i'm happy nevertheless, that i draw an idea that i've been having in my head since seeing chapter 697, which just hit me :faint:
bro fight is fist fight. fist bump icon fist bump icon fist bump icon 

Story should be clear for each Naruto Shippuuden (;)) manga reader:
Chapter 690, BossFight. Kaguya VS Team7.  [...] Kaguya is defeat, but the fight isn't ending. Sasuke is confused and taken over by beserk power. Worst combination ever. He's acting against Naruto, who tries to stop his teammate the most effective but caucious way he can. But he's losing almost all his TP while their fist fight (JUTSU not availible at that low HP state). Then, Sasuke even absorbs some of his CP (chakra points)! No, Sasuke, don't kill your mate, don't kill your team :rage: Dammit, pushing the START or SELECT buttons don't show any effect. We've to sit out that battle, stupid confused beserk Sasuke. (Pointless to mention: Sakura is useless as usual (silent + stone) XD). Naruto, you are our last hope!! :eager:

Sounds familiar to you!?? :D

However, this is for :iconsatosanteru: and her Contest ( Contest! Winner Requests Art ), tag "endgame" <--- loved that one!! :heart:

ref: inspired by so many fandoms and games, but mainly ninja storm and final fantasy. i hope it still got some original nackmu touch ^^ and pls PLS don't let there be any content errors, Broken stone texture for sakura

Post-Its in my front

:star: My Theme Challenge - Join Me!!! :star:…

REMINDER aka To-Do-list…

Learning by Mistakes…


Videos I like

:naruto: movie trailer… + opening 8 :cries:…
:cries:… Sasuke remembers Itachi... + this… homage to Itachi!! :heart:
:lmao:… ShinChan bei SailorMoon
:kiss:… First Kiss Video
:stab:… +… TVD S04
:music:… 2 hours pure epicness
:music:… +… LP
:music: FFXIII-2 OST…
:music: FFXIII Lightning Returns OST…
:music:… Naruto Best OST
:spotlight-left:… It's all fake
:headbang:… Be healthy and fuck everyone
:cries:… You can't break up with me. I mean.... I mean, you're my best friend 02:43 - 02:50
:horny:… (Just put the music off)
:drool:… 2:55 - 3:40 There is no woman he coudn't have
:psychotic:… Once you've gone Jacob Black, you never go back
:happybounce:… Harry Potter Puppet Pals - The Mysterious Ticking Noise

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