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it`s hard to dance with the devil on your back - so shake it off!
Thu Dec 17, 2015, 7:55 AM
watches Temari ball Tutorials...
Wed Dec 9, 2015, 11:36 AM
I'm not the youth protection violating artist some people apparently see/saw in me. I'm really not. Stop spreading lies. Live and let live.
Mon Dec 7, 2015, 6:03 AM
Thu Dec 3, 2015, 8:16 AM
Can someone pls clear my mind from all this dirty thoughts... ?
Sun Nov 29, 2015, 10:55 AM

Für die, die mein "Sentou" lesen, das letzte Chapter steht an und ich fragte mich: Würdet ihr gern visuelles Fanart dazu sehen? 

2 deviants said also eine Zeichnung, Gemälde, Animation, etc...
1 deviant said Wenn ja, was genau?
No deviants said Figurenportraits, Landschaftszeichnung, Sasuke's Zimmer, andere Schauplätze?
No deviants said oder bestimmte Szenen? (Darf natürl. nicht zu explizit sein, siehe DA-Guidelines...)
No deviants said Teilt mir mal eure Gedanken dazu mit :-)
No deviants said GLG, Anja





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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Update 03/15:
Current sparetime/interests: Nihongo (JapaneseLanguage), o-kashi, my own FanFiction, tea
Eternal love: DA, French, Hakuza, TheLittleMermaid, Chocolate, Sour food+drinks, MySister, FF

"Wherever someone is thinking of you, that is the place you can return to."

I ship:
high priority: SasuNaru, YamaKashi, InoSaku, ShikaTema
medium priority: NejiTen, ShiTsunade
low priority / pre shippuuden: InoShika, NaruSaku

Galleries that I devour:
:iconkyoux: :iconyasuli: :iconnami64: :iconnoranb: :iconsatosanteru: :iconv0idskhaos: :iconmiriamartist: :iconlucitaniamarie: :iconfdasuarez: :iconburdge: :iconkoraykaragozler: :iconkoganeiro: :iconuzucake: :iconsaiyanzrepublik:

And a friend, beside of DA: Jessica:

PROJECT: mirror fasting - Day 4-7/7

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 16, 2015, 1:30 AM

Two weeks ago, I read an article about mirror fasting, and as the idea kept me restless, I'm going to profit from my one week holiday.
The deal is to not look into a mirror or mirroring surface during this period.
I'm not going to stay in my flat, no. I'm gonna do ordinary things. Just without checking my look. This is going to be awesome...
I hope :meditate:
I'm going to keep you up to date with my experiences of fear, self-esteem and such... Let`s see what happens ^^

Day 6, Saturday, 21st Nov 2015
Saturday, my birthday and the first day I had to explain my project to my family as they came around.
People are less interested than confused. Their second thought about the project is "I couldn't do that!". I doubt that, ridiculious. They simply don't want to. That's all what it is about. Ppl are unsecure, vain, their looks everything.
My dad's girlfriend owns a clothing shop and she brought some pieces (sweaters, shawls) that I should put on and see if something pleases me as a birthday present. Well, what a perfect chance to check their senses for someone else's style (mine), their honesty towards me and my own self-confidence and trust towards them. Will their words fit with their gazes?
I tried like 5 or 6 pieces and it was a pleasure. Very communicating.
And I chose a piece to which I wouldn't been going for if I where all on my own to pick one. It looked too simply, boring,
but their resonance was clear: that one suited me best. I trust them.
:thumbsup: EXPERIENCE 4: It`s easy to trust my family's words about my look.
(without checking of course - that`s what it is, about trust ;-))

Day 4-5, Thursday/Friday, 19th/20th Nov 2015
Two more days half indoor, half-outdoor. Outside, being in the city and in malls, it is pratically impossible not to cross mirrors.
They are everywhere. Either to open the room, to give the impression of more ppl, or simply to reflect yourself. I don't really know.
But there's one funny thing I recognized: I need less LIGHT in the bathroom. Even if we have one window in our bathroom, it`s still a little gloomy in there. I usually put on the light, when I enter. Not at the end of the week: Unconsciously, I started using the room in its half-shadowed state the way it is, without puttingon the light, either to go to the toilet, to brush me teeth or hair.
It's because I know where everything has its place. And I don't need the mirror.
:thumbsup: EXPERIENCE 3: Mirror-fasting is power-saving (electricity).

Day 3, Wednesday, 18th Nov 2015
I spend almost the entire day outside and I felt terribly unsecure about my look.
The "problem" is me being totally sick for a few days now: I've a runny nose and a sore throat.
I'm afraid that I do probably look as bad as I feel... which isn't comfortable for my project at all.
When I asked my sister if I'd look as terrible as I feel she instantly said "No." Interesting.
:thumbsup: EXPERIENCE 2: I don't necessarily do look the way I feel.
I also do touch my face A LOT, just to check if everything is fine... Stupid.

Day 2, Tuesday, 17th Nov 2015
My 1st day in public and no self-doubts about my look at all.
I went by car and using the mirrors to watch my surrounding was absolutely no problem.
Am I more self-confident than I thought or was it just being amongst strangers and I care less what they think about me than
I maybe would meeting my collegues/friends/family?
:thumbsup: EXPERIENCE 1: I need less time in the bathroom in the morning

Day 1, Monday, 16th Nov 2015
10:15 AM

I covered the 2 mirrors in my flat with a shawl and a huge tissue.
I feel like hiding and shutting myself away, as if the mirror was a window. Weird.
So, the first day is over, and I detected many traps in my flat:
The door of my shower is very reflecting as well as the ceiling in our bathroom.
Same goes for the surface in our kitchen were our oven is settled.
The last and REAL mirror I forgot was were these in the hallway:
I took down the garbage and when I came up, I saw myself in fullbodypose Meh .
As for those places, I need to pass with more concentration to not look at myself.
As for my inner feelings, I had the urge need to check my look just before my boyfriend was about to come home,
but I couldn't and I didn't. I was a bit grumpy and nervous at first, but I passed to something else,
so that the moment had passed very quickly as well.

  • Mood: Peaceful
  • Listening to: NekoAtsumeJingle
  • Reading: Animaid101's writings
  • Watching: ZDF Morgenmagazin
  • Playing: Bye Bye Deponia
  • Eating: too much chocolate
  • Drinking: sage tea


Temari 02 Made for Alex by nackmu
Temari 02 Made for Alex
After finishing my 1st temari, which was only for myself, I knew pretty well to whom will be my 2nd one:
for Alex aka RoD, my love, partner and soulmate. I love you.

It's a pattern of spring (sakura), young maiden (butterfly) and lavender (color + sent).

WIP with links "how to": Temari 02 WIP (finished) by nackmu

Post-Its in my front

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and what are you talking about *slapsyouface* You are awesome!
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Thank you so much for all your praise, dear, now I'm really bursting of self-confidence. :lol:
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